Author podcast: Protect yourself from cyber threats and risks

Threats in the digital world are continually evolving and becoming increasingly diverse. It doesn’t matter if you are working in the most mature enterprise environment, unemployed or retired, whether you have a smartphone in your hand or only use an e-reader, you are at risk.

According to Graham Day, author of October’s book of the month, Security in the Digital World, “Attackers are slowly discovering all the ways that devices can be used to attack others. As this knowledge develops, the number and sophistication of attacks also increase.”

In our podcast, we speak to Graham to learn more about his background and to find out what inspired him to write Security in the Digital World.

Drawing on his extensive industry experience, this book provides tips, advice and guidance using non-technical language to help you protect yourself in the digital world. 

A deeper insight into threats in the digital world

Featuring simple explanations, examples and advice, this must-have guide helps you to become security-aware online and learn how to:

  • Keep your information secure;
  • Set up the necessary controls on your home network, protecting your family from cyber crime;
  • Prevent identity theft when shopping online or using contactless payment; and
  • Keep your children safe when using the Internet.

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October Book of the month - Security in the Digital World