9 ways to improve your organisation’s cyber security

An organisation’s employees are its first line of defence against cyber security incidents, so it’s essential that they can spot problems and respond to them appropriately. However, many employees complain that because training courses are simply tick-box exercises for compliance, they take in little of what they’ve been taught. This means organisations are wasting valuable resources and staff to persist with bad cyber security habits.

Fortunately, there are more effective ways to improve your organisation’s cyber security. Our infographic below details nine steps your organisation should take.

For more help on improving your organisation’s cyber security culture, take a look at our security awareness programme. It includes:

  • An organisation-wide assessment of your learning needs, awareness challenges and knowledge gaps;
  • A multi-component campaign, tailored to your organisation’s needs and culture;
  • Tools and resources to keep your audience engaged;
  • Fun and interactive content; and
  • Evaluation measures to provide you with a reliable audit trail of the programme’s success.